Best ways to study and get A's

Dec - 8 - 2023 / By: Justin N.

High school is hard, right? For me, it is however we can overcome it together. Here are my top ways to overcome difficult subjects and get A’s on most exams you get. The first subject that we will overcome is History. History is generally a memorization subject and therefore does not require much. The best way to remember stuff in history is to teach or pretend to teach someone. This is the best way to pass history exams because history is a linear path. This linear path makes it easy to remember and understand topics if you start with why and how they started. Teaching someone like a friend or sibling can improve how you understand this topic and how to better understand this in your own words. The next subject to overcome is Math. This is one of the more difficult subjects to overcome because you have to remember the formulas and how to use these formulas in their ways. One way to do this is to continuously review problems and notes as well as try to create your review problems. When you create your problems make sure it's right and after a few minutes go back to it and try to solve it. If you have problems trying to create your own, use the tool “Chat GPT” and ask the AI to create practice problems based on your math topic. The third subject to overcome is English. English mainly has two types of tests; vocabulary tests and book tests. Vocabulary tests can be overcome by using flashcards. Flashcards are such a good tool to remember things as they allow you to go at your own pace. The book part of the test can be overcome by trying to summarize what you read and jot down important key moments and events in your book. The final Subject to overcome is language. Whether you taking Spanish or another language, the best way to ace your test is to understand the grammar. Grammar is like a formula for languages and once you understand this your next goal will be to remember the necessary vocabulary words that you will use. If this is a vocabulary test, you will use flashcards just like the English one, however, if this is a grammar test, you can try to write random essays here and there using the grammar that will be on the test. This is not a guarantee for everyone and many other study methods could be better, however, this is what I use and so far has been serving me well. I hope this helps and thank you for your time my dear reader.